Atomic vs Ionic


  • Composed of silver atoms
  • Silver atoms are safer and more stable even at higher concentrations
  • True colloidal silver contains atoms of silver with all electrons intact
  • Maintains colloidal state indefinitely because of the small percent of protein molecule in the solution.
  • As a rule, the higher the parts per million (PPM) the darker the color of solution - yellow to amber brown being highest quality.
  • Solution will be clear with no particles visible to the human eye.


  • Composed of silver ions.
  • Ions are not as effective and have stability issues at higher concentrations due to missing electrons from the electrical process.
  • It is uncommon for ionic solutions to be manufactured above 30 PPM due to stability reasons.
  • Typically after a period of time, ionic solutions will clump together forming silver particles that are too large to be a silver colloid and are not safe for consumption.
  • The product will be clear in color, but not necessarily clear in solution.


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